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1. Locating Products:

  • Smoke Bombs And Dyes- Tablets, Powder, And Liquid.

  • Hurco Tech - Liquidsmoker And Powersmoker.
  • Goldak And Schonstedt Locators-Pipe And Cable, Metal, Magnetic, And Leak Locators.

Repnet Identification And Damage Prevention Systems- Underground, Surface And Above Ground Marking Products.

2. Manhole Maintenance:

  • Parson Environmental Products- Hydraulic Cements And Epoxy Coatings. Manhole And Valve Box Inserts.
  • Carbozone Odor Control Systems, Odoreater Manhole Inserts And Manhole Riser Rings.

3. Piping Products:

  • Calpico - Pipe Linx.
  • Calpico Wall Sleeves, Casing Insulators- Plastic, Galvanized, And Stainless Steel. Pull On And Wrap Around End Seals.
  • Crispin Specialty Valves-Water And Sewer. Air / Vacuum Valves, Air Release Valves, Check Valves Including Rubber Flapper, Silent And Tilting Disc.
  • Inserta Fitting- The Lateral Connection Solution For All Types Of Pipe.

NEW!!  You can now download Crispin's Sizing Program and Crispin's Catalog.  You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to view the catalog.

4. Testing And Inspection:

  • Lansas- Single And Multi-Size Test Plugs Including Flow-Thru Plugs.
  • Lansas-Manhole Vacuum Testing Equipment, Air Testing Equipment, Joint Testers, Washing Balls And Accessory Items.
  • Hurco Tech- Mandrels, Line Stringers, Ripcords And Hydrostatic Testers.

5. Confined Space Equipment:

  • Scott/Bacharach- Portable Gas Detectors And Surface Mount Gas Detection.
  • Hurco Tech- Ventilating Equipment
  • Butco- Tripods And Harnesses.

6. Sewer Equipment:

Aquatech Sewer Cleaning Machines- Combination Jet/Vac Trucks (6 To 20 Yard) Jet Trucks, Jet Trailers, And Vac Trailers.

Parts And Accessories For All Makes And Models.

7. Misc. Products And Tools:

  • Rolatape Measuring Wheels.
  • Gavin Piping Tools- Water Line Wrenches, Hydrant And Valve Lifters, Hydrant Markers, Steel Probes, Stem Guides And Extension Rods.
  • Insulated Steel Tile Probes.
  • Backwater Valves- 4 Sch-40, 6-15 PVC SDR 35.
  • Poly Pigs- 12-16. All Other Sizes Are Available.
  • Products Stocked In Columbus Warehouse

Most Items Are Carried By Your Water And Sewer Supply Houses


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