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1.    Grouting Services - Chemical grout forms a waterproof collar around leaking pipes and manholes.


Chemical grouts do not stop sewer leaks simply by filling joints and cracks.  Instead, grouting chemicals are forced through joints and cracks and into the surrounding soil where they gel with the soil to form a waterproof mass, which cannot be pushed back into the sewer system.


This watertight collar adheres to the outer surface of the pipe of manhole where it will stay indefinitely unless removed by excavation or exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.  If groundwater pressures increase, the collar will be pressed even more tightly against the structure, increasing its ability to stop leaks.


2.    Confined Space Pipe Entry Rehabilitation


3.    Lateral Lining


4.    Manhole to Manhole Lining


5.    Rerounding - eliminates deflection problems in PVC, polyethylene and other flexible pipes without costly re-excavation.  The process works by re-compacting the granular bedding in the pipe zone thereby restoring the pipe to its original round shape.


6.    Manhole Rehabilitation


7.    Mainline Internal Spot Repairs



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Last modified: 10/10/02