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Sewer-Line Testing for Acceptance

Dreier & Maller, Inc. offers the most complete package of testing services to contractors.  This eliminates their need to stock and transport various sizes of plugs, test plugs, testing equipment and deflection gauges (with proper percentages).


Dreier & Maller, Inc. provides all plugs and proper bracing to perform low-pressure air testing from manhole to manhole in sizes ranging from 4” to 48” safely.  If the line is leaking we can pinpoint the leak within 2 feet, which would eliminate expensive excavating to try and locate it.  If the leak is in the mainline, we can Pressure Grout...again saving the contractor time and money.


Most engineers require deflection testing on flexible sewer pipe to be done thirty days or longer after installation.  This process consists of pulling a deflection gauge through the line.  This a a go/no go device.  If the deflection gauge goes through, the line passes.  If the device does not go through, the line fails.  The contractor then has two choices – dig up the line and re-bed the pipe or Dreier & Maller can Re-Round your pipe (depending on degree of deflection) eliminating the costly re-excavation of the pipe.


A new testing procedure on manhole leak testing is Vacuum Testing.  This procedure provides a safe and effective way to test the integrity of the manhole.  As air is pulled from the manhole, the internal pressure is measure in inches of mercury.  Usually 10” of mercury is where the test begins and is not allowed to fall below 9” of mercury in a designated time (45 to 90 seconds depending on depth and diameter).


Efficient and cost effective, Smoke Testing has become a world-wide standard for finding leaks in sewer and plumbing system.  Leaks can quickly be detected as smoke escapes through problem areas.  Finding these leaks quickly and efficiently is what Hurco Technology is all about...saving you money, and in some cases – lives!

The “original Ripcord Smoker” with “Liquismoke” produces up to 4,000 CFM of forced air and the “Super Ripcord Smoker” produces up to 8,000 CFM of forced air.  Engine speed controls CFM and DOES NOT require changing belts and pulleys as other manufacturers.

Hurco’s “LiquiSmoke” is the safest and cleanest way to smoke test a sewer line.  LiquiSmoke DOES NOT contain toxic compounds like “Zinc Chloride”...the active ingredient in smoke bombs.


When the problems above are located, Dreier & Maller, Inc. can eliminate the infiltration by Pressure Grouting through a packer with a chemical jell forming a watertight and permanent seal.  Leaking manholes can also be grouted, eliminating another large source of groundwater infiltration.


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Last modified: 10/10/02