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Insulated Tile Probes

The insulated tile probe was designed to give the customer the strength of a steel tile probe with the protection against electrical shock on the handle and down the shaft approximately six inches.

With two coatings of approximately ninety-three mils thickness each, the insulated tile probe provides protection well over fifty thousand volts and is rated to one thousand VAC in compliance to U.S. and International standards.


Handle: Made of 7/8 dia. 1018 steel, 10 long, threaded in center to receive shaft.

Coating: Arbosol PVC PDM 10275 yellow/black 93 mils each coating. Total approximately 180 mils. This is a polyvinyl chloride material which produces a seamless, heavy duty, resilient molded product. It is formulated specifically for electrical applications of both high and low voltage, where no change in physical properties after an oven aging of 168 hours at 240 degrees F (115 degrees C) is required.

Shaft: 3/8 1018 Steel road threaded at both ends. Made in 4, 5', and 6 lengths.

Tips: Stainless steel tip slightly oversize for easier penetration.


Although the insulation on these tile probes are impact resistant and flame retardant, each tool should be inspected prior to each use for cracks, cuts or other damage. Should the yellow insulation become visible through the black outer layer, the tool should be removed from service immediately.

Never allow bodily contact with the un-insulated part of the Dreier & Maller, Inc. insulated tile probe if there is any chance of contact with an energized source.


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Last modified: 10/10/02